0.0 million Population (2017)

0 USDGDP Per Capital (2017)

0% Sales Tax

0%Transfer Tax

0%Rental Income Tax

0%Inheritance Tax

%Capital Gains Tax

0% to 0% Property Tax

10.3 million Population (2017)

21.136 USDGDP Per Capital (2017)

23% Sales Tax

6.5%Transfer Tax

28%Rental Income Tax

0%Inheritance Tax

28%Capital Gains Tax

14.5 to 48% Property Tax

Portugal was the world’s first maritime power, and birthplace to some of the world’s first explorers

The country has 1.794 km of some of the most beautiful coastline in Europe and the world

Portugal’s colonial empire spanned 600 years, the longest-lived of the modern European empires

Portugal is the oldest nation-state in Europe with borders that barely changed since 1297

Portugal is a founding member of NATO and an EU member

High quality of life, affordable healthcare and wealth of sun places Portugal on 7th position within the top 10 destinations for would-be retirees

Portugal is a world leader in renewable energy

Monks and nuns are credited for creating some of Portugal’s tastiest traditional treats